What We Treat

Pain Due to Disc Disorders

Prior to the development of the INR anti-TNF treatment method few truly effective non-surgical treatments were available.

Disc Related Neck Pain

Common symptoms include chronic, severe pain in the neck, often with radiation to the shoulder, arm, or hand. The pain is present all day for weeks, months, or years.

Back Pain

Daily back pain, difficulty sitting, standing, walking or lifting can last a lifetime.

Sciatica Pain

Sciatica is pain that radiates down the leg, often below the knee into the shin, ankle, or down to the toes.

Non-Surgery Relief for Neck, Back, Disc, Sciatica PainDisc herniation or related spine disorders, which may occur following falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, or just in the course of ordinary life, may have a devastating impact on your quality of life. Daily back, neck, or leg pain, difficulty sitting, standing, walking or lifting can last a lifetime.

Spinal surgery is not always the answer, and can cause its own serious complications. A better answer was needed. A decade ago, a revolutionary new approach was invented at the INR: the local administration of a tiny amount (one cc., 1/30 of one ounce) of a unique medicine near the source of the pain.

A gentle, rapid, off-label method that takes only minutes, and is done in the privacy and comfort of our office. Anesthesia is not necessary, and following a brief visit patients may return directly to their usual daily activities.

INR medical providers now have been using this fast, gentle, non-surgical method for a decade, with thousands of patients treated, from around the world. This revolutionary approach for severe back pain, neck pain, or sciatica, and other breakthroughs invented at the INR, are cited by scientific publications by physicians and scientists from around the world; are now supported by multiple-studies and multi-center clinical data; and are available for you, today.

For further background, please see the following scientific publications:

Disclaimer: Individual results vary, not all patients respond. Continuing maintenance treatment is necessary to maintain the clinical response. Anti-TNF treatment for the indications below is off-label. Please see the Terms of Use. Maintenance dosing, usually weekly, but sometimes as little as monthly, is necessary for optimal effect. The method of local etanercept treatment utilized for these patients is a patented invention of the INR.